My interest in Tajikistan was fueled by my travel along the Silk Route in Kashgar in western CHina in 2007.  The Uighur peoples indigenous to the area have direct roots to the peoles in Central Asia, particularly Tajikistan.  We truly enjoyed meeting these kind, hard workinga nd welcoming people while visiting them in their mountainous villages and helping to build homes for Habitat for Humanity.

Tajikistan  is a country with few natural resources (water rights are constantly disputed with neighboring countries) and few incoming-generating industries.  The people live in harsh conditions (110 + in summer to -30 in the winter).   An entire generation  was separated from their culture, religion (Islam) and history during Soviet occupation.  They continue to struggle to find their place in world industry, economy and politics.  Roads become an important necessity with a mostly mountainous topography.  China is helping to build them, bringing truckloads of cheap goods across the border.

MAY 2009