TURKEY, incredibly rich in religious and spiritual history, has changed incredibly since I was there 30 years ago.  As a country that is  planning its entry into the EU,  Turkey walks the line gingerly between religious and secular.  I was surprised to see so many women wearing headscarves in Istanbul.  The western and southern coasts are popular tourist destinations and it does seem that Islam and western mores struggle against one another.

I loved the twice-daily call to prayer sung from the minarets in the mosques in villages and cities around the country. A reminder to step, take a deep breath  and remember what is most inportant, and give thanks.  A beautiful country with beautiful, friendly people.  Even now, I can hear my favorite Muezzein (he who sings the prayers - my favorite being at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul) calling the faithful to prayer at sunrise and just before going to bed.

MAY 2009